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Originator: MHRA Dear Doctor Letter

From: Claire Tilstone

Issue date: 17-Sep-2010 13:59:41

Information to recipients:
  • CMO Urgent Messages - Recipients on Public Health Link
  • NHS Foundation Trusts (England) - Medical Director
  • NHS Foundation Trusts (England) - Chief Executive
  • Consultants in Communicable Diseases
  • Director of Public Health
  • Primary Care Trusts (England) - PEC Chairman
  • Primary Care Trusts (England) - Chief Executive
  • CMO Urgent Messages - Non-NHS Recipients on Public Health Link
  • NHS Trusts (England) - Medical Director
  • Primary Care Trusts (England) - Medical Director
  • Regional Directors of Public Health
  • Strategic Health Authorities (England) - Chief Executive
  • Strategic Health Authorities (England) - Director of Public Health
  • NHS Trusts (England) - Chief Executive
  • Territorial CMOs in Ireland, Scotland & Wales

Action category: Non urgent (cascade within 48 hours)

Title: Monitoring the safety of seasonal influenza vaccines in children

Broadcast content:

As you begin to take stock of seasonal influenza vaccines, we are writing to ask for your particular help with monitoring the safety of these vaccines in children. In particular, we strongly encourage you to promptly report any cases of febrile convulsion occurring within 72 hours of receiving an influenza vaccine.

Further information is given in the attached letter.

Alert reference: DDL_9_Enzira

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